Toyota Venza on Common Tech Issues

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  • Jul 02, 2017
Toyota Venza

Considering the fact that Toyota Venza is positioned like a family minivan, it will have to take care of security very first of all. Many drivers are anxious about this extremely facet and in this article we’ll endeavor to outline the most widespread tech problems with Toyota Venza.

Toyota Venza

The largest sum of complaints concerning Venza is connected with 2009 generation. A lot of the automobiles released this 12 months have steering problems. For being more specifics this challenge is described as steering column rattle noise. It is the situation with EPS column if you flip your steering wheel or drive on rough surfaces. It will eventually cost you all-around $3,500 to get this difficulty fixed. A few of the 2010 and 2011 edition are said to have the same challenge.

Toyota Venza Spec

An additional issue with 2009 Venzas is that its paint chips also effortlessly. The paint is so soft that even plastic garbage can depart a scratch on your Venza. So should you plan to trade your Venza the scratches is not going to do any great to suit your needs. Polishing scratches won’t assist in this instance.

Toyota Venza Performance

There is a further difficulty with 2010 Toyota Venza. Several of them have troubles with braking rotors. However they get worn-out as well soon. On top of that, some of the models’ braking rotors get started creating a type of a grinding or vibration. You are able to feel it at low speeds only, as an example in the course of stop-and-go targeted visitors about the highway. It commonly takes place just after your gets warmed up with around 30 minutes of driving with braking.

Among essentially the most substantial and in some cases harmful challenges is detected in case with 2012 and 2013 Venzas. It’s nothing at all less than explosion of the sunroof. There is no particular explanation for this nevertheless it may be connected together with the physique stiffness. Yet another explanation is said to get linked with the composition of glass which isn’t balanced adequate. It’s interesting that such explosions occur together with the new automobiles which have all around 2,000 mileage and with those vehicles which have gone far past 20,000 mileage. By the way, it can cost far more than $2,000 to conserve on your own from this kind of an explosion.

Toyota Venza Performance

V6 Venzas are frequently reported to possess obvious shifting within the Vehicles’ Automatic Transmission. It takes place when driving around the streets. It occurs whenever a automobile accelerates slowly among 25 to 35 MPH. The trouble is the fact that the automated transmission can not discover the proper gear. In the event you make an effort to slow your ride down from 35 MPH to 25 MPH you won’t really feel that it is as smooth as it must be.

Toyota Venza Interior

Another issue which some drivers have is connected with air conditioning. It begins blowing warm air following the initially 30 minutes when you start your motor vehicle and drive it. Immediately after about 30 minutes the air cools a little but it’s still not as cold while you could possibly want it. The air output degree decreases because the time goes. So, in case you set towards the highest blowing degree you’ll really feel like it is blowing at a mid-level.

There’re various cases saying that Toyota Venza usually has its battery discharged devoid of an clear purpose.

A number of the other challenges are:


  • A loud growl is usually heard for a few seconds when Venza is commenced.
  • Air bag light will get on.
  • Going over bumps can cause rattling and violent shaking.

• Rear suspension tends to bounce.

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